​वेदोखिलो धर्म मूलम्

A California 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization                   Tax ID: 81-1410607

About US
Sri Veda Vidya Peetham is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, predominently works in Bay Area, CA and Hyderabad, India. 
SVVP aims to facilitate practice of and promote the principles and ideals of Sanathana Dharma and Vedic dogma

Sri Veda Vidya Peetham (SVVP) is founded and registered in the year 2010 in India and 2016 in USA by Sri Chintapalli Vekateshwara Sharma to help ensure that the knowledge and chanting of the Vedas and the wisdom they embody would be preserved for future generations as a living oral tradition.

  • To promote and propagate Arsha Dharma.
  • To promote and preserve Vedas by means of providing free vedic education.
  • To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values in Hindu scriptures into daily lives.

Future Plans
  • Temple
                     It is one of our primary objectives to provide members of Hindu community in Bay Area, CA with a place of worship and a place for assembling and performing ceremonies and festivals.

  • Veda Pathashala
                                   The Veda Pathasala, or school of Vedic study, is a traditional context for the preservation of the Vedic oral tradition. It is necessary that both vedic teachers and students have to devote their entire time for vedic study to become a scholar. SVVP is planning to establish such Pathasala in India and provide free vedic education for students starting under age of 10; it takes 10 years to complete vedic education and become a vedic sholar.
  • Goshala
                        SVVP also plans to start a Goshala soon. We are committed to spread the awareness regarding the importance of cows, relevance of cows and their products in our daily life.